About StakePoint

We are dedicated to provide you excellence in Portfolio-Project Management applications

Our origins:

StakePoint is situated in the south of France, and created to bring Portfolio Project Management to organizations that have reached the maturity to apply persistent scheduling techniques.

Our History:

StakePoint has its roots in the complex building of cruise ships. Its research and development started after the successful delivery of Queen Mary II.

Our Philosophy:

We're convinced that a PPM solution can and must be fluid, intuitive and easy to use for all team members.

Where we're going:

We actively prepare our Cloud version and we continue to improve the application with the feedback of our users.

We have lots of ideas we haven't had the time to implement yet. Some of those are related to enriching the Cloud model, other are with better and more graphics better integration with existing tools reading writing .mpp files etc. etc.



Contract manager, team builder, naval architect and shipbuilder with 20 years of experience in the design the construction and the building of ships and marine related products. I excel when working on innovative solutions that build new markets. I have special interests in project management tools, hydrodynamics, risk assessment, and computer science.

My professional interests

  • Tools that drive your digitall transformation to succes
  • Cultivate proactive decision making
  • Delevering your project in time and on budget
  • Master your working capital requirements

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Our Skills

Project Management
Computer sience