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Build on unique data and work from everywhere.

Using StakePoint Cloud services your work is synchronised whenever you are connected without closing your document.

Start to share and save your work today:

The StakePoint Cloud allows team members to share a unique data model while working locally with a fast desktop program. Your project modifications are replicated to other users while you work, allowing the entire team to see a single truth on the entire project portfolio. With StakePoint you can continue to work when you're on the move and documents don't have to be closed or saved. Your work will be synchronised to our Cloud whenever you are connected.

Build together

Start sharing your plans, keep team members informed and build the competitive leading edge in your business today.

Keeping your projects on time and within budget requires up to date information as well as the participation of all your team members.

Your data is yours

We never lock you in

You we allways have acces to a local copy of your data even if your subscription stopped.

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  • Fully featured Desktop Application

  • Unlimited for local files

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  • Maintain a unique data model among team-members

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